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   Chairman    :   Elina Zabarina

      Address   :   Uzbekistan, Tashkent city, Yunusabad district, C5, 68-1

      E-mail  :

      Phone  :  998973303501 998951773501

   Website  :

Company Profile


Galileyka - is the first center of mantal arithmetic in Uzbekistan, that has been established in the beginning of 2016 by Ms.Elina Zabarina. For today Galileyka center has 5 branches: 4 in Tashkent and 1 in Andijan city. The company has the license from the Government Educational Agency.

Chairman Profile



Summary of Major Events


Organizator of the first competition of mental arithmetic in Uzbekistan, January 14, 2017


2010 - present

Awarding Records



2010 - present

Important Biography
A graduate of Management Development Institute of Singapore,The chairman of PAMA Uzbekistan, participant of the various business conferences as reporter.
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