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Chairman  :   Ruhollah Mokhberian

  Address  :   no 1 - 17 alley - Imam montazar st - niayesh st - Sattarkhan st - Tehran - Iran

      E-mail :

      Phone :   +9821-43426

   Website  :

Company Profile


Smart Kids Institute was established in 2011 to develop the instructions which try to promote the mind of kids (3 to 13 years old). One of the most important instructions is mental arithmetic by abacus. After passing the courses in Turkey in 2011 we started this instruction in Iran. After 5 years experience now we have 1500 instructors for different levels, more than 50000 students, 50 representatives and more than 2000 instruction centers. One of the aims of our institute is to have international mutual cooperation especially with Taiwan that is pioneer in this field. Smart Kids Institute has gotten the educational accreditation of Iran ministry of education for the years of 2014, 2015 and 2016. We believe that most of Iranian kids are smart; therefore standard education and competition in the international level will encourage them and promote their capabilities more.

Chairman Profile



Summary of Major Events


  1. 1th national copmitition 2013 --- 2th national copmitition 2014---3th national copmitition 2015--4th national copmitition 2016.

2010 - present

Awarding Records


  1. Iran educational government award from 2013 to 2016 -- award from Iran toys expo 2015


Important Biography



2010 - present

Activities Photos



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